To develop great e-commerce app, firstly, we need to understand what are the basic requirements for this type of product.

Security. Usually, e-commerce applications deal with buying operations. An app is the place where, customers spend their money on goods or services company provides. It leads to the necessity of providing an adequate level of security. Also, it is the most important factor for people who use e-commerce applications. Security issue affects app popularity and company reputation as well. High level of security is the argument for users to start using an application.

Ergonomic. Any e-commerce app has to be easy to use. User shouldn’t spend hours or follow any guides to learn how to use your application. App shouldn’t contain any confusing forms or elements. Everything has to be clear and simple, all unnecessary information should be removed too. Consider adding Help or FAQ section.

Stability of an e-commerce application is crucial. An application has to be stable, there is no excuses for it. Client shouldn’t be feeling that he spends his money and doesn’t get great service in return.

Of course, it is almost impossible to create an application with no mistakes at all. That leads to the necessity of testing, getting feedback from customers, analyzing error reports, releasing updates and bug fixes which will make your application more stable.

Speed. Another point you have to consider is how fast a mobile app for your e-commerce business works. An application should not lag and it has to respond to user’s commands quickly. It is necessary to reduce the delay time to the minimum to assure the best experience possible.

If you want to create an e-commerce app for iOs and Android, you need also consider the characteristics of the operation systems and devices. Design of an application matters as well. An application should look good, so people do not experience any eye-fatigue working with your application.

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