Get addictive by playing new attractive Encompass Game !! Encompass is physics-based action classic brand of addictive game. Bouncing ball inside the ring aims you to collect more and more Rubies and get high scores.

Fun playing to achieve the Simple target with a bounce of a ball by rotating the ring left or right. Holding the ball inside the ring, ring encompassing the ball keeps changing its number of walls which makes it interesting to keep the ball bouncy inside it.

Game Features:

  • Interesting game with easy to control interface
  • Attractive new levels with challenges.
  • Impressive Sound effects
  • Free to play
  • Score Sharing on Social Media

How To Play:

  • Rotate ring left or right and collect rubies with the help of ball, ball gets bounced when hits the wall of the ring. Aim to get maximum number of rubies to unlock new exciting Rings and Balls.
  • Slowly as you collect the rubies, the walls of the ring starts flashing, that is the moment when you need to get the ball on the flashing wall otherwise it gets disappears soon.
  • Challenge is to ensure none of the outer walls disappears.
  • As you progress and collect rubies, more and more levels with different shapes are unlocked with even more difficulties to challenge you!

Test your strategic skills with this incredible challenging Encompass of a bouncing ball !! and explore how long can you keep the bounce of a ball in Play.

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